Language course Portuguese, it's a roman world language, that is spoken by 176 million people.
It's spoken in 12 countries, although there are minor differences (mainly in pronunciation), such as Brasilian.
We offer several types of lessons that may fit your wishes. Also different course levels can be followed, there is always a course that suits you.
Depending on the season, the lessons are individually or in groups up to 8 people.
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Due to many visits to the tile workshop in Pombal, this summer shall be started a tile painting workshop.

You can see how the tiles are made, painted or restored and then you can paint your own tile.

Afterwards that the tile has been in the oven, can keep it as a souvenir.

We are asked by several foreign teachers, to use our Bed&Breakfast for all kind of workshops.

On our website and on Facebook we will announce these workshops that will be held in the summer.

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