We are Maryk Visser, Richard Buttstedt and our son Vincent Buttstedt

We have been living in Portugal since the late 90s.

We started in Vila Flor, Tras-os-Montes with the creation of a prehistoric open-air museum on behalf of the municipality.

A fire ended that abruptly.

In the mean time, Vincent was now, fully satisfied, at school and we saw no reason to return to the Netherlands.

So we have picked up our old profession and started a company in sound engineering, Impulse Sound Technology.

For this we had to move to more developed areas.

First near Oporto and later to Pombal, because of its central location.

Meanwhile, Vincent became a Sound engineer himself and Maryk became too old and wise to climb on stages with cables.

That’s why we searched a house in Pombal where we could start a Bed & Breakfast, we found it in Casal Velho.

Working at concerts, creates an opportunity to arrange backstage passes for guests.

In case there are no guests who likes the quietness of the nature, Vincent is always willing to put some big speakerboxes in the garden. House at the campfire? Classical music at the swimming pool?


The name Vila Colina is a free translation of our name Buttstedt. Buttstädt, is a german village, and means hill town. Vila in Portuguese means both home and town. Colina means hill.