At this Time Vila Colina is Closed.

The small Bed & Breakfast Vila Colina is located in Casal Velho, about 4 km from the lively town of Pombal in the Middle of Portugal.

Besides laying in the garden by the pool, we also offer activities such as skydiving, Portuguese language courses and there is an abundance of artistic material to explore your creativity.

Due to its central location, Vila Colina is ideally suited for trips.

So you're in one and a half hour (car, train or bus) in Lisbon, Oporto or the beautiful nature of the Serra de Estrela.

Coimbra and Leiria are nearby, but also the coast with its miles of pristine beaches is located just 25 minutes away.

Spectacular also is the sightseeing flight over Pombal and surroundings (max 3 pers.)

Besides of the guestroom we also have two complete houses,

In and around the house there is always something fun to do. Such as making marmelade or herbal oil, all kinds of games, including the large outdoor chess, jeu de boule, scavenger hunts or simply chilling out in one of the hammocks.

For both, trips and creative activities, we offer guidance if required or else detailed descriptions.

The stay includes breakfast, but all other catering is negoatiable.

For babies and children also all things available.

We offer babysitservice or children’s activity so that parents can spend some time on their own.